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Vila Nova de Famalicão, Braga, Portugal


author  NOARQ - José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira  program showroom renovation  collaborators  arch. Juliana Costa, arch. Hugo Araújo, arch. Juliana Sampaio  structural project  ESPAÇOS RECTOS – Engenharia e Arquitectura, Lda lighting and decoration   arch. Juliana Costa – O Bibelot + B.LOFT constructors O Bibelot; B.LOFT; Marnorte  photography Arménio Teixeira  intervention área  118 m²




The company had just moved premises but the production area was properly organised and was working at full tilt. The office area was 125 m² of open space, vague, anonymous, where the removal boxes were unpacked and there were two workplaces – the lack of a corporate image was not due to the move, it was something else. We should have organised an entrance and a reception, an office with 4 workplaces, a meeting room and two showrooms, with meeting spaces – one for a collection of flip-flops, another for insoles.
There was no budget, except the minimum (the minimum is the closest amount to zero).  Hundreds of models, forms, raw materials, technologies, finishes, textures, colours and sizes; we agreed, however, despite the intrinsic diversity that all the products can have, that there was a pattern – just two products: insoles and flip-flops.

To the diversity of the pattern we corresponded with the homogeneity of the pattern –  thinking (ab)out the box… and why not? Parsimony requires resourcefulness.

The boxes package the insoles (and the flip-flops), they are taken out of the boxes and displayed. We divided the space with boxes, some open to show the products and some closed for stocks of the models. We used white laminated chipboard. We structured with slats of unfinished, dehydrated pine with simple crossed connections. White floating floor in  the rooms and white epoxy in the stairs. The plaster ceilings hide led tubes and illuminate the space. The frugality spread to the doors, the same doors that close the spaces, when they are open they close an open module of partition cupboards.


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